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Strata Construction is one of the original contractors for wireless site construction in the Northwest, getting started in Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR) sites before cellular became popular.  Strata is licensed to provide construction services in all of its service area.

Strata does work in the major CO's and POP's in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, California and Montana. Strata is certified and experienced in the installation of DSLAM equipment as well as other CO related communications equipment.

By having complete capability to take a site from dirt to operation, Strata customers benefit with:

Key Benefits

  • Fast response
  • Lowest cost
  • Consistently high quality


Custom Services
Mountain sites, co-locates, hidden "stealth" sites, custom landscaped,  maintenance, beacon change ups, generator fueling, etc.
Dirt Work
Roads, foundations, carpentry, fences, even landscaping!   All with our own crews.
Tower Stuff
Guyed, Free-Standing, Monopoles, Antenna Hanging, Microwave shots
R.F. Installs
Cellular, PCS, SMR, Paging, Equipment Installations.
General/Electrical Contracting
Tenant Improvements

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